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An IT help desk assists all users in troubleshooting a number of IT problems and issues. An IT helpdesk engineer can also earn a good salary and IT help desk jobs are always in demand. Service desks can also provide assistance outside of technical support. It is becoming increasingly common for organizations to adopt service desks that offer business process support. As businesses grow, their need for competent help desk support will grow. While in recent years some traditional help desk tasks have been outsourced, there will always be a desire for onsite support within every large company.

  • Technical support dives a little deeper and is used for more complicated issues requiring more comprehensive technical knowledge.
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  • Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific duties and requirements.
  • A help desk technician responds to customer queries to provide technical assistance.
  • The most effective job descriptions create interest and encourage candidates to keep reading by describing the expected working conditions or requirements such as flexible schedules, weekend work, and overtime opportunities.
  • Also, be sure to highlight any special benefits that you offer such as work from home options, extra PTO, or fitness/gym reimbursements.

Now, we’ll look at senior infrastructure engineers, who generally average a higher pay when compared to help desk engineers annual salary. All help desk personnel need excellent problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills, along with patience, a customer-friendly attitude and the ability to work in a team environment. While a help desk can fix a broad range of IT issues, desktop support is dedicated to fixing only desktop or laptop issues. It can’t help with printers or networks, but it can help you install programs or get a broken computer running. This article is part of an IT Career News series called Your Next Move. These articles take an inside look at the roles related to CompTIA certifications.

IT Support Engineer

In general, desk support technicians study at similar levels of education than help desk engineers. They’re 2.8% less likely to obtain a Master’s Degree while being 0.6% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree. On average, desktop support specialists reach similar levels of education than help desk engineers. Desktop support specialists are 2.1% less likely to earn a Master’s Degree and 0.6% less likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree.

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We are looking for a Helpdesk Engineer to provide professional and technical 1st line IT Support to onsite and remote workers in a busy, creative Studio. The successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to diagnose and resolve issues in a timely fashion. Have great communication skills help desk engineer and be able to take ownership of issues and tasks, reporting updates and status of open issues to the team where necessary. Provide technical assistance and support to computer system users. Answer queries about hardware, software, and applications either in person or over the phone.

Service Desk ENGINEER

In contrast, help desk engineers make the biggest average salary of $67,498 in the finance industry. But if you’re interested in companies where you might earn a high salary, help desk engineers tend to earn the biggest salaries at Bain & Company, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Cognizant. At Booz Allen Hamilton, help desk engineers earn an average of $83,961, while the average at Cognizant is $72,586. You should take into consideration how difficult it might be to secure a job with one of these companies. Help desks and service desks both help you resolve your IT issues. Virtual Lab provides hands-on, real-world practice using your newly gained skills on projects defined by industry experts, adding practical experience to your resume.

  • It hopefully teaches the people starting off how sometimes you can do your best to serve and still not make people happy.
  • Nowadays, IT help desk support engineers rely on advanced software in order to speed up the ticketing process.
  • Diagnose and resolve technical hardware and software issues such as PC issue, application and email issues.
  • You must be patient in order to calm them down and win their trust and confidence.

Most large companies have many types of service desk engineer jobs. These employees provide phones, laptops, and computer support for an entire organization. The service desk staff typically handles the technical issues that are reported by the employees of a company.

Helpdesk Engineer Job Description

Desktop support technicians maintain the safety and security of networks, preventing unauthorized access and illegal dissemination of database information. They also handle the software configurations and upgrading the network infrastructure to avoid system downtimes and operational delays. A desktop support technician must have excellent communication and technical skills to monitor systems performance and enhance network navigation. It is the responsibility of a Help Desk Engineer to provide technical assistance and support to customers with regards to their computer systems, hardware or software issues. The job description entails running diagnostic problems, isolating problems and implementing solutions. Help desk support professionals are the go-to individuals for the computer system, hardware, and software technical help and support.

Some jobs you might find interesting include a desktop support specialist, desk support technician, information engineer, and senior infrastructure engineer. A mobile phone company also has many service desk engineering jobs. This is the technical group that resolves wireless phone issues for customers.