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Whether you know exactly what accounting service you need or have a tough question, The Innovative CPA Group team is here and ready to help. Let’s collaborate to accomplish your personal or business goals. Are you turning away clients or complex high-profit jobs because you don’t have the capacity or particular expertise to handle the work?

It’s a stepping stone in your business growth, helping you get timely and accurate financial results to fuel your business growth and increase profitability. We assign an accounting leader to your business who, with the help of additional bookkeepers, focuses on these tasks while also providing phone, email, and text support. Our work with the financial managers of multi-entity organizations –those with multiple legal, geographic, and/or business units— led us to consider their most pressing operating needs. Manager’s report they need to accelerate performance evaluation, while maintaining controls for Inter— and Intracompany transactions.

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We take on the heavy lifting while you focus on the the people and the business. We offer support through all phases of grants – from application to close out – to ensure your success. We developed strategies for non-profit,business and individual clients.

  • Businesses that can integrate and take full advantage of technology quickly will reap rewards not just from streamlined operations but enhanced financial intelligence as well.
  • You can’t keep an eye on your revenue and expenses or accurately plan for the next day — let alone the far future.
  • We also offer assistance with migrating to a cloud-based technology that gives you access to your financial data from anywhere.
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Are you in the know on the latest business trends, tips, strategies, and tax implications? SVA’s Biz Tips are quick reads on timely information sent to you as soon as they are published. From the simple to the complex, we can help you improve efficiency and lighten the load. We integrate seamlessly with BerryDunn’s tax group and other business advisor services as needed.

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How they complete the financial management process, however, is often up to owners and managers. Hiring accountants or bookkeepers for basic back office accounting tasks can be costly for a small business. Therefore, owners often complete basic accounting and hire a professional accountant for tax filing. Though this can work well early on in a business, the accounting portion may become too technical for owners to complete in an ongoing manner. Maintaining a back-office accounting team isn’t just expensive, it’s also time-consuming.

You get a part-time accounting team who ensures that all of your financial transactions are recorded timely and accurately. You get your books in order and up-to-date so you have the financial information you need to take your business to the next level. Please also refer to our Start-up Accounting Services Menu for more information on the back office accounting services we can offer you. We think every business owner should have detail knowledge of their business to exercise better control over the operation of their business.

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Without this understanding, it’s extremely difficult to make decisions, allocate resources, and plan for the future. Without reliable bookkeeping, it’s impossible for leaders to know exactly how their business is performing. While many bookkeeping tasks may seem relatively simple, they are the financial foundation on which all successful businesses are built, and it’s vital businesses get them right. Our services include Company Creation, Quickbooks Setup and Payroll Setup. Chat with our back office support team to ensure your company is established properly with a stable and scalable solution. Below is a general list of the bookkeeping services we typically perform.

What is the back office process?

The back office is essentially the department that provides support to the front office, or client-facing, positions with their various responsibilities. Employees in the back office handle several administrative tasks, including maintaining records and data management.

If you have a specific bookkeeping-related function not listed here, it is likely we are able to provide it. When you complete the Get A Quote Questionnaire, please explain on the last page your specific requirements beyond back office accounting those enumerated below. Our Philosophy
The Innovative CPA Group is a team of forward-thinking accounting, tax, and business experts servicing businesses and high net-worth individuals in Connecticut and across the nation.

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We aim to enhance your service delivery excellence while ensuring compliance with industry standards. It’s extremely important to have a skilled professional handling your crucial bookkeeping and accounting functions. Our AI driven software classifies all of your financial transactions in real-time. Outsourcing your accounting, finance and HR functions can help take your company to its next stage.

back office accounting services

Our diverse team has a wide array of industry expertise from renewable energy, real estate, technology, healthcare, non-profits, and others. We provide full-service, back office support to help you avoid the time-intensive challenges of hiring, training, and supervision. Our collaborative approach helps you stay ahead of year-end audit requirements and avoid tax surprises. Get the work done efficiently and take away the burden of managing resources and tedious accounting tasks. Regardless, overseeing or performing back-office tasks likely does not represent the best use of senior executives’ time. By embracing outsourcing, leaders can gain that time back, freeing them to spend less time on the financial minutiae and more time on big-picture strategic initiatives that move the needle.

Take control of your business finances.

Having an extra set of eyes on the books helps to identify cash flow problems and reduces the risk of internal and external fraudulent activities or human error. One of Madison Radiologists’ goals was to invest in additional technology to provide the best service possible for their hospitals and clinics and ultimately the patients. With https://www.bookstime.com/articles/debt-to-asset-ratio SVA’s guidance, the partners are confident their investment in technology will be a sound business decision. We provide a range of support and expertise, from running your day-to-day business finance operations to creating a long-term financial strategy. Understanding the financial performance of your business is vital for leaders.

  • But to do so effectively requires a ready-made solution that incorporates all three and is built by experts who understand your needs.
  • You can count on us to provide consistent and reliable outsourced accounting services and responsiveness designed to fit your needs and move you forward.
  • It’s certainly worth your time to seek the best approach to a more efficient and optimized workflow for your back office functions.
  • It can be difficult to keep up with your finances while trying to focus on managing an organization.

Different types of businesses demand different approaches to accounting. The accounting processes that work for a well-established real estate firm are entirely distinct from those required by a fast-growing SaaS startup. Our industry specific expertise helps us to tailor customized back office services that match your business needs.