Happyning Party-Crashing Software

This Wild Unique Party-Crashing Application Is Actually Cool, Creepy… And Will Most Likely Get Banned

Do you like Vegas? Do you actually love bachelorette functions? Do you really love becoming that man that displays up to an epic party without being asked? Well, there’s an app for you. Launching Happyning, an app that crowdsources hashtags from Instagram to offer a passport into another existence.

By just downloading the application, it’s possible to find raging parties, errors, as well as other wild antics to help you get plus pals into. By crowdsourcing information, hashtags, and photographs that vanish after a couple of hours, Happyning gives you a one night friend uk-way pass as to the will be the most exciting night of your life. For everyone who may have ever before wanted to live-out their particular fantasy of being in or you only need a great party, here is the social application that’ll be sure to change heads at your then happy hour.